A Fresh Start


I started my blogging journey several years ago.

I started on blogger with My Front Porch at a time when I was just starting to make handmade cards and other crafts as a full on obsession/hobby.

My life is different now… my passions are different now… so it is time for a different blog. A fresh start!

Saying goodbye is hard. My Front Porch has served me well. I made a lot of new friends. I shared my journey through cervical cancer. I learned a lot about myself through blogging and crafting. I grew … in a lot of different ways.

I pray that you will serve me well too! I pray that I will use you as a tool to share my experiences and what I believe to be true… and that something I say may help someone out there with something! I pray that God will use me, through this amazing and wonderful technology, to show His love, His grace, and His mercy!

Good bye My Front Porch … Hello It’s Not The Thought That Counts!!


2 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. Shelly K says:

    Well, hello Kelley!! 🙂 I’m lovin’ everything about your ‘fresh start’! I wish nothing bu the best for you and your family and I’m looking forward to all that you share! 🙂 Take and care, and enjoy!!

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